Smudge Stick

  Amazonite Amethyst aventurine labradonite

Healing Stones by Lilly takes pride in producing the highest quality gemstone jewelry possible.

Natural gemstones are from the earth and are said to carry spiritual meanings. Like crystals, gemstones can be traced back to the year 4500 B.C. in Egypt. Since thenĀ gems and crystals have been used forĀ their healing & protection benefits.

When choosing your Healing Stones by Lilly bracelet or necklace, go with your first choice. Your energy is drawing you to the stone that is best for you.

It is important to cleanse off your stone's previous handler's vibrations. The best way to do this is to pass your bracelet lightly through the smoke of incense or gently under running water. As you do so, ask that they be cleansed of all disharmony and filled with unconditional love.

These natural gems are used for healing, transforming and attuning the body, mind and soul.

I wish you harmony and good health!